Instruction for preparing of papers for Proceedings

of XXV Scientific Instrument Symposium


1. General

Manuscripts should be written in MS Word or Rich Text Format and send as attached files by e-mail to the Local Organizing Committee of XXV Scientific Instrument Symposium ( Illustrations should be sent as a 300 DPI jpg files or by a common mail. The illustrations may be printed in a reduced size. Jagiellonian University Museum is not able to pay for copyright. An additional signed printed copy of
the submission must be send by a conventional mail as well.


Deadline for the submission November 15, 2006. Papers received later cannot be considered for publication in the book


2. Material to be submitted

The following material will be required before a paper can be prepared for the print and time will be saved if it is all submitted at the outset.

--  Author's (or authors') name(s) and first name(s)

--  Author's affiliation and mailing address;

--  List of references as described in Sec. 5;

--  List of captions for figures on a separate sheet;

--  List of all unusual or hand written symbols;


3. General presentation

Manuscripts must be written using Times New Roman 12 pt font, 1,5 interline. The volume of the submission cannot exceed six pages. The maximum number of illustration is 4. The organizers cannot guarantee that illustrations will be print in color. The paper size A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) with 2,5 cm margins should be used.
All pages should be numbered. All unusual or handwritten symbols have to be described on a separate sheet.


4. Tables

All tables must be labelled at the top with consecutive Roman numerals and a title should be as concise
as possible. Even small amounts (4 lines) of tabular material should be treated in this way.

Headings for columns in tables should be brief.

References for data in tables may be given in full in footnotes or indicated in the footnote in the manner used for references in the text.


5. Footnotes and references

Footnotes should be indicated consecutively in Arabic numerals in the text and typed at the end of the page

or between two horizontal lines immediately after the line of text containing this indication.

References must be typed together on a separate sheet in order of their appearance in the text.

References are made in the text with Arabic numerals in square brackets [1] (not with the superscript). The list of references should be presented as follows:


For a paper in journal:
[1] V.Z. Kresin, H. Moravitz, Physical. Review  B 43, 2691 (1991).


For a paper in contributed volume:
[2] S. Nagakura, in: Excited States, Vol. 1, Ed. E.C. Lim, Academic Press, New York 1975, p. 322.


For a book:
[3] W. Demtröder, Laser Spectroscopy, 3rd ed., Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1988, p. 143.


For an unpublished paper:
[4] B. Novak, Ph.D. Thesis,
Title University of Warsaw, Warsaw 1985, p. 77.


You can download the file of Instruction pdf doc